The History of the Swiss Rolex Watchmaker

15In 1881, Hans Wilsdorf who was the founder of Rolex was born in one city of Bavaria. He had the ability of making business when he was young. Rolex history of development was closely linked to its founder’s name which was Hans Wilsdorf. He was born in a city of Bavaria in 1881 and involved in international commerce when in youth. At the beginning, he built his own business of cultivating pearls, then being the agency for a timepiece factory which aimed at exporting while he lived in La Chaux-de-Fonds of Switzerland at the age of 19.

In 1905, he set up his own enterprise named Wilsdorf and Davis, which was responsible for selling watch and developed his homemade watch at the same time.

Rolex backed to Geneva after World War Ⅰ, by the founder’s cultivation, Rolex has always innovate, create and perfect itself. There are two research direction: waterproof and automatic.

At 8 a.m. of July 2th of the year 1908, the German merchant Wilsdorf who was the founder of Rolex, registered the Rolex logo in La Chaux-de-Fonds of Switzerland, and from then on, one of the great brand of the global timepiece industry started its long journey. The original logo of replica rolex submariner was a stretched palm, in order to show that their product was totally created by hand, later the Rolex logo gradually became a crown’s shape which indicate their top status among the watch industry.

Rolex was great but distinguished from others once it came out, rolex watches replica gained the Class A Certificates gave by English KewObservatory in 1914 and 1915, this was the highest valuation of the timepieces’ accuracy that commented by the famous English observatory, and it was also the global biggest event, this laurel increased the Rolex’s social status, evermore, Rolex was remembered by people for its accuracy, and admired by people from various area.

Rolex Submariner – Famous for Its excellent and reliable performance

4In 1953, when scuba diving was still at an early stage of development, rolex has created a prototype model of diving watch, oyster Submariner watch, with the waterproof as deep as 100 meters. By 1954, the waterproof performance of the rolex submariner replica series watch was doubled to 200 meters, for the divers in the depth within 60 meters and used the air to breathe provided sufficient safety diving range. With its excellent and reliable performance, the Rolex Submariner wrist watch soon won the favour of professional divers. Divers worked closely with rolex to assist and improve the performance of the watches. In 1962, a diver refreshed as deep as 313 meters diving record in California. Obviously, divers needed a new generation of wrist watch to fight against the deep sea pressure under 200 meters.

Rolex, in fact, in 1960 tightened an Experimental wrist watch in deep-sea submarines Trieste, ultimately successfully descended to 11000 meters to the deepest ocean, citing the watchmaking technology of rolex enough to rise the performance of the fake rolex submariner.

In 1966, Comex firstly completes the industrial diving as deep as 160 meters. The French company developed a saturation diving technology, which was enough to withstand underwater housing project near the United States, what was unique about it was installing the hyperbaric oxygen chamber in the ship, so that to finish the navigation tasks all over the world. Saturation divers after entering pressure bell, will descend to the working depth. And after the completion of diving, they will also be in the same way returning to support vessel’s compression chamber. Eventually reduced pressure will only in the last moment of the task be carried out. Comex being the leader in the field of commercial deep-sea diving, in a decade plans to send the divers to the deep sea under 300 meters. And rolex surely is a great help for them for its outstanding diving performance.

Wholesale Replica Swiss Watches For Your Retail Business

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Classic Rolex Oyster SKY-DWELLER wrist watch

11As the legendary leader of replica watches, oyster type was recognized the most easy to identify wrist watch up to now. Over time, it has been regarded as the representative of modern watch. Oyster is the crystallization of Rolex watch making technology and professional knowledge. Over the years, this wrist watch has experienced much aesthetic improvement, but there is no doubt its design features have been respected and preserved.

SKY – DWELLER is an innovative wristwatch, have 14 proprietary technology and 5 items is the new proprietary technology, also is the perfect crystallization of art and exquisite technology; Simple to operation and easy to read, with a new way for people who like traveling around the world to travel around provide the required information, grasp the journey time easily. SKY – DWELLER adopt double time zone and 24 hours displayed way to show the time rhythm, namely the central pointer indicates local time, eccentric disc shows the reference time zone, and also can make a clear distinction between day and night, no matter when and where, the wearer can know is it suitability to contact with friend who was on the other side of the globe. In the meantime, the dual time zone show of Rolex Sea Dweller Replica was integrated aesthetics and convenient, so the novel visual effect brought a unique style of aesthetic feeling.

To gain inspiration from the same name astronomical phenomena of gauze (SAROS) calendar patent device, through add four gears automatic to distinguish between moonlet and Ozuki, Just need make an adjustment to clear up the irregular effect number of days in February in March 1 every year. And will guarantee the accuracy of whole year’s date, this also become the breakthrough technology of wrist watch calendar function; RINGCOMMAND rotating outer ring carry multiple functions easily, The 9001 brand new movement equipped with perpetual pendulum Vedas which develop by Rolex and have extraordinary reliability. SKY – DWELLER verify Rolex has forward-looking decision-making ability and spirit of innovation once again at develop oyster wristwatch. in the earth a today.

The original mark of Rolex watches is an open finger palm; it means this brand watch is perfectly crafted by hand. And then evolution a registered trademark of crown.


The world famous diving watch — Rolex oyster perpetual watch Deepsea

img_20150623_160128_1Rolex oyster perpetual watch Deepsea is found that both Deepsea watch success thanks to several breakthroughs in technology innovation, which includes Rolex exclusive new case structure of Ring-lock system. It ensures watches can be used in the deep sea under tremendous pressure. Especiallyit is designed by the most demanding professional divers. In addition, the other three excellent watches components for the realization of the watch section of the superior power performance: its high performance stainless steel ring is arranged in the blue crystal and case cover, which ensure the glass case and cover easily withstand tremendous pressure; the blue crystal glass surface micro arched and specific watch section of the glass surface is more thick in the other oyster and other compressive ability to multiply; watch case cover used has a very high resistance made of titanium alloy, as well as with excellent performance of 904L stainless steel ring is fixed.

The Rolex Sea Dweller Replica can meet the needs of professional divers to strong and change, accurate and reliable the ultimate demand. Strap assembly with double expansion system, allowing adjustable strap length to watch worn on the 7 mm thick wetsuit and easy to wear. Double expansion system equipped with including the Oyster discount telescopic link and a new GLIDELOCK buckle. This strap length of fine tuning is good for the driver. Platoon helium valve to the extraordinary performance of 904L stainless steel is made, its size and case diameter perfectness, so tightly bonding and guarantee perfect excellent waterproof performance. Equipped with the safety device, in the process of gas into the deep sea diving watches can be discharged from the watch in the diving decompression. While the three locking winding crown with three independent sealing washer, fasten down can further improve its waterproof performance is excellent.

Diving watch is the heart of the eternal dream of the people who want to drive in the sea. Whether you are the diving enthusiasts, diving watch with the best performance which is the best choice for you to buy rolex replica!

Swiss Movement replica rolex

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