Classic Rolex Oyster SKY-DWELLER wrist watch

11As the legendary leader of replica watches, oyster type was recognized the most easy to identify wrist watch up to now. Over time, it has been regarded as the representative of modern watch. Oyster is the crystallization of Rolex watch making technology and professional knowledge. Over the years, this wrist watch has experienced much aesthetic improvement, but there is no doubt its design features have been respected and preserved.

SKY – DWELLER is an innovative wristwatch, have 14 proprietary technology and 5 items is the new proprietary technology, also is the perfect crystallization of art and exquisite technology; Simple to operation and easy to read, with a new way for people who like traveling around the world to travel around provide the required information, grasp the journey time easily. SKY – DWELLER adopt double time zone and 24 hours displayed way to show the time rhythm, namely the central pointer indicates local time, eccentric disc shows the reference time zone, and also can make a clear distinction between day and night, no matter when and where, the wearer can know is it suitability to contact with friend who was on the other side of the globe. In the meantime, the dual time zone show of Rolex Sea Dweller Replica was integrated aesthetics and convenient, so the novel visual effect brought a unique style of aesthetic feeling.

To gain inspiration from the same name astronomical phenomena of gauze (SAROS) calendar patent device, through add four gears automatic to distinguish between moonlet and Ozuki, Just need make an adjustment to clear up the irregular effect number of days in February in March 1 every year. And will guarantee the accuracy of whole year’s date, this also become the breakthrough technology of wrist watch calendar function; RINGCOMMAND rotating outer ring carry multiple functions easily, The 9001 brand new movement equipped with perpetual pendulum Vedas which develop by Rolex and have extraordinary reliability. SKY – DWELLER verify Rolex has forward-looking decision-making ability and spirit of innovation once again at develop oyster wristwatch. in the earth a today.

The original mark of Rolex watches is an open finger palm; it means this brand watch is perfectly crafted by hand. And then evolution a registered trademark of crown.